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CCTV Surveillance, Solar Rooftop, Solar LED High mast and Solar LED Streetlights

CCTV Surveillance

ES Electronics provides expert CCTV surveillance solutions, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Our cutting-edge systems offer real-time monitoring, high-resolution imagery, and remote access, empowering you to keep an eye on your premises anytime, anywhere. With advanced analytics, motion detection, and integration capabilities, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs, enhancing security and deterring potential threats. Trust ES Electronics to provide comprehensive CCTV surveillance that safeguards your property and assets effectively.

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Solar Roof top

ES Electronics offers top-tier Solar Rooftop solutions, harnessing renewable energy to power your home or business. Our expert team designs, installs, and maintains solar systems tailored to your energy needs, reducing electricity bills and carbon footprint. With state-of-the-art technology and efficient panels, we maximize energy generation and savings. Experience reliable, sustainable energy with ES Electronics as your solar partner.

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Solar LED High Mast

ES Electronics transforms outdoor lighting with Solar LED High Mast solutions. Our advanced systems combine solar technology and energy-efficient LEDs to illuminate large areas while reducing energy costs. With automated dusk-to-dawn operation and smart controls, we enhance safety and visibility. Our robust designs withstand harsh weather, ensuring long-lasting performance. Count on ES Electronics for sustainable, high-quality lighting that enhances security and aesthetics, all while contributing to a greener future.


Solar LED Street Lights

ES Electronics revolutionizes street lighting with Solar LED solutions. Our eco-friendly systems combine solar panels and energy-efficient LEDs, providing bright illumination while minimizing energy consumption. With intelligent sensors and remote management, we ensure optimal performance and cost savings. Count on ES Electronics for reliable, low-maintenance lighting that enhances safety and aesthetics in your community. Experience the benefits of sustainable, off-grid lighting solutions that contribute to a greener environment and brighter future.

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About Us

Green Energy Technologies, based in Bangalore, is emerging as a leading provider of customized and standardized solutions to meet diverse demands in the promotion of Green, Clean Solar Energy Systems.Our commitment lies in supplying top-notch services and products that cater to environmentally conscious customers. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we boast over a decade of expertise in executing tailor-made solutions. Our team's proficiency ensures the seamless implementation of solar energy systems tailored to each client's unique requirements.

At Green Energy Technologies, we prioritize customer satisfaction, offering reliable and efficient solar solutions that contribute to a greener and cleaner planet. Whether you seek residential, commercial, or industrial solutions, we have the expertise to deliver sustainable and cost-effective options.

Why Green Energy Technologies?


At Green Energy Technologies, we prioritize delivering quality solutions that begin with fault-proof system design, utilizing top-notch products, and providing exceptional after-sales service to ensure your systems remain operational.

1.Solar Thermal Systems

Green Energy Technologies offers Solar Water Heater systems designed for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. Our range includes various types of Solar Water Heater Systems:

  • Flat Plate Collector Systems
  • Evacuated Tube Collector Systems
  • Pressurized Systems
  • Copper Tank Systems
  • Heat Pump Systems

2. Solar On-Grid Systems

Green Energy Technologies offers Solar On-Grid/Grid-tie systems catering to residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, ranging from 1kW to Mega Watts.

KEY Features:

  • Utilizes High-Efficiency Modules and Inverters
  • Provides High Return on Investment
  • Requires Less Maintenance
  • Customizable to meet specific client needs
  • Ensures Guaranteed After-Sales Service
  • Safer design for prolonged plant life with minimal maintenance

Equipped with Remote Monitoring Systems for enhanced performance monitoring.


Smart Energy Radar is a latest technology capable of controlling & monitoring electrical parameters & time event settings through app & web services.

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